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Great food a a warm welcome
placed by John Devlin on the 31st July 2020

Always the best

High quality, fast, very friendly, absolutely delicious
placed by Liv Flood on the 1st May 2020

Nice food

The spicy
placed by Mijail Nicle Zuniga on the 30th April 2020

Best local indian

Also great food from the spice and delivery was very fast.
placed by Dan Lee on the 18th March 2020

Food late and order incomplete

Food arrived after 75mins. Was tepid, averagely spiced. Nan was soggy. Some of the food wasn’t with the order (but couldn’t be bothered to complain - was only the papadoms).
placed by James Clifford on the 25th December 2019

Best Indian restaurant in the area and probably London

Absolutely love this place. Portion sizes and prices are excellent and they are very polite and always offer a free drink after the meal. I was even given a large Cobra beer when I ordered delivery. Top marks.
placed by Leon Peet on the 19th December 2019

Good food, wrong time

The food is very good but arrived too early! We asked for a 7:30-7:45 delivery but it arrived at 7 so was a little cold by the time we were able to eat it.
placed by Ross Treseder on the 29th August 2019

Spice - NW5 Lamb very hit and miss

I have been ordering from "The Spice" for over a year. Their rice, vegetables,chicken, prawn & bread have been consistently good. Their lamb tika (and Biriyani) seems to be hit and miss. I don't know if it's related to the day of the week, the chef or when the meat is prepared. Sometimes the Lamb tikka is excellent, spicy, tasty, tender, moist - perfectly cooked. Other times (like today) - it is tender, moist but with virtually no flavour. The biriyani lamb is obviously a different cut - which is fine. But, sometimes it smells and tastes a tiny, tiny bit old. Let me stress - this DOES NOT make it inedible. It's just that; I have the lamb every time and most times it is superb. Prices are a little high - but, they reflect what the market in Tuffnel Park will bear. Decor and service in the restaurant is very good - especially since they had their refit KUDK service is always well dressed, clean, tidy, polite and speedy. This is not my first review of The Spice. I have placed other reviews in Google. I make my
placed by David Malik on the 12th July 2019

Best curry in N6

we have been living in N6 last 25years and we may tried most of restaurant around area The Spice is our family favourite as the food is freshly cooked, tasty and generous Whenever friends come and stay with us from abroad spice curry is must for one evening and so far- 100% they all loved it. :)
placed by Serah Davies on the 9th May 2019


The food was lovely and good portions sizes
placed by Anonymous on the 25th April 2019

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